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  Lithium String Trimmer

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Quiet, easy-to-start string trimmer requires no gas or oil

The Neuton String Trimmer is perfect for light-duty trimming of lawns and for cleaning up weeds in your yard.

The trimmer head pivots for easy edging of walkways and garden borders.

And the semi-automatic feed spool advances the cutting line without having to bump it on the ground. 5.3 lbs.


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Lithium Power — Compared to equivalent Ni-Cad batteries:

  • Battery life is 3X longer
    You'll save money with fewer replacement batteries
  • Lithium batteries are 40% lighter
  • Lithium batteries charge in about 30 minutes
    Ni-Cad batteries take 3-6 hours to charge
  • Lithium batteries provide constant full power
    Ni-Cad provide less power as they discharge