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Neuton CE6 Features

Lightweight Materials

The Neuton Mower uses a reinforced polyethylene deck that is super lightweight, stronger than steel, and will not rust. Mower weighs 69 lbs. with the battery, 46 lbs. without.


Lift-Out Battery

The lift-out battery is easily removed and can be replaced with a fresh battery (optional) for extended running time. Battery lasts for up to 5 years with proper maintenance and storage.


Optional Trimmer/Edger Attachment

Our exclusive Trimmer/Edger attachment (optional) instantly turns the NEUTON® Mower into a trimmer/edger on wheels.


Instant Starting

The NEUTON® starts instantly with the push of a button. Release the hand paddles, and the motor and blade stop right away.


Grass Clippings Management

Collect clippings in the Rear Bagger or recycle them back to your lawn simply by inserting the Mulching Plug (included). No need to change the blades!


Easy Height Adjustment

With one lever, you can change the height of all four wheels at once—without tools! Select from four different mowing heights between 1.2" and 3" to suit your grass conditions.