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You can save up to $30 extra off of each Neuton Mower purchased!

Once one Neuton Mower appears in a neighborhood, more often than not, others soon follow. Although the Neuton is the leading battery-powered mower in the country, we’re still a small company compared to the huge gas-mower businesses. So, the word of mouth advertising that the Neuton generates is really important to us. This is why, if you know of someone who might be interested in a Neuton Mower and you can order together, we’ll extend extra savings to both of you as our thanks for talking up our product!

• If just one friend or neighbor orders when you do, we’ll give you an extra $20 off the sale price of each mower. 

• If three or more of you get together to order, you’ll each save an extra $30 off the current sale price!

to qualify for up to $30 extra savings on your Neuton Mower...

If you already know someone interested in a Neuton Mower, just call us Toll-free 1-800-798-2921 to ask questions or to order. Simply provide names and addresses of each owner, and we will ship new machines directly to each buyer. One payment is required for all machines. Note: any returns will be credited to the original payment source