About Neuton

Customer with a Neuton mower

We are dedicated to making the world's most innovative and dependable battery-powered lawn and garden equipment for people who care about the maintenance of their properties and the health of our environment. Our forward-thinking designs reduce the noise and pollution of traditional gas power equipment, making yard work more enjoyable.

Using innovative designs in rechargeable, battery-powered products we're developing unique and reliable tools that are easy to use and are easy on the environment. And together with our customers, we're redefining the way people care for their properties.

At their core, Neuton battery-powered mowers are:

  • Smart - smarter than gas-powered mowers and other battery-electrics too.
  • Easy - the lightest and quietest rotary mowers anywhere.
  • Reliable - starts the first time, every time.
  • Environmental - no gas, oil, mess or fumes!

Neuton and the Environment

Since we started, we have subsidized the purchase of thousands of Neutons across America in exchange for dirty/gas-guzzling mowers. In Southern California alone, over 20,000 residents have replaced their gas mowers with Neutons. The result has been a staggering emissions reduction of 750 tons per year.

And with Neuton, reducing environmental impact extends even further. The Noise Pollution Clearinghouse rated Neuton the quietest rotary mower you can buy.

The bottom line is you get big-time results, while leaving behind a small environmental footprint.

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