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Neuton Mowers

The Newest incarnation of the Neuton Cordless Electric Mower is the DR 62V Battery-Powered Lawn Mower!

Batteries and support for your existing Neuton Mower are still available. As technology evolves we strive to offer the best in cordless, battery-powered outdoor equipment. DR Battery-Powered Tools make up a family of professional grade yard care tools that combine the POWER and DURIBILITY of gas-powered equipment with the convenience of CLEAN, QUIET, LIGHTWEIGHT, CORDLESS technology.

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DR© 62V Battery-Powered Lawn Mowers

Three Models to Choose From!

Our 16" PRO-16 model battery mower is our lightest and easiest to maneuver model. The 21" PRO-21 battery mower features the performance of a gas mower but with clean, hassle-free electric power. Mow with self-propelled ease with our PRO-21SP Battery Mower. Variable speed propulsion lets you match your mowing speed to your walking pace.

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Never Run Out of Charge with DR's LiPRO Interchangeable Battery System

What happens if you run out of charge before you've finished mowing your lawn? Some battery-electric mowers have their batteries built-in, forcing you to stop mowing while you wait for them to recharge. But with the DR® Battery-Powered Yard Tools LiPRO battery, if it runs low, simply drop in a freshly-charged spare in seconds and keep right on working.