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Batteries - Frequently Asked Questions

A guide to common questions about your Neuton Mower battery and charger.

Two Neuton batteries

We offer two types of batteries: 24 volts and 36 volts. The Battery should not leak, regardless of the position in which it is stored. The Battery is completely maintenance free. You never need to add water. However, as with all rechargeable Batteries, after years of use they will eventually need replacement.

With proper care, this Battery should last three (3) to five (5) years.

Please remember to recharge your batteries before storing them for the winter.

Before charging the battery, read all instructions and cautionary markings in your Owner's Manual and on your mower. Do not operate your mower until you have read and understand all instructions and the battery is fully charged. Read the safety considerations section of your Owner's Manual before performing any repairs or maintenance.

How should I maintain my Neuton battery for the longest life possible?

All 36 Volt Models: Before you use your mower for the first time in the spring, be sure to fully charge the battery. In general you should charge the battery for 10 - 12 hours. If you have an auto shut off charger, it will be about 14 hours before the charger automatically shuts off. When the battery is fully charged it should be unplugged from the battery and wall.

36 Volt Charger Owner's Manual

All 24 Volt Models: Always store your battery fully charged. In general, you should charge your 24 Volt battery for 20 - 30 hours. When completed the charger should always be unplugged from the battery and wall.

24 Volt Charger Owner's Manual

All Models - 24V & 36V: Fully charge the battery as soon as possible after each use — even if you only use the mower for a short time. Never store the battery in a discharged or partially discharged state.

Keep fully charged batteries disconnected from the charger. The charger should be unplugged to keep it from drawing power. Try not to drain the battery completely. When you notice the battery losing power, stop and swap in a spare.

Off Season Storage: At the end of the mowing season, remove the battery from the mower and charge it before storing. Store it separate from the mower in a dry environment. The battery is safe to store at temperatures of +5°. F (-15°. C) to + 104°. F (+40°. F). Recharge the battery every 1-2 months during the off season in temperatures between +32°. F (0°. C) and + 104°. F (+40°. F).

How much run time can I expect from the battery?

Under typical mowing conditions, the Battery charge should last for approximately forty-five (45) to sixty (60) minutes per use but this may diminish over time. The length of time depends on the length, density, and dampness of the grass as well as battery charging time and mowing height. If the grass is dense or damp, the battery charge may diminish more quickly. Raising the cutting height and keeping the blade sharp can help to alleviate the load on the battery and motor.

If you generally intend to use your Mower and Trimmer for a longer duration, Neuton, Inc. recommends that you purchase an extra Battery. That way, you could have a second fully charged Battery ready so you can continue mowing.

How do I order a replacement battery or charger? Do you sell the charger separately?

Both the battery for the Neuton CE6 Mower and Charger are available. The Battery for the Neuton CE5 Mower and Charger are also available. NOTE: It is compatible with all of the earlier Neuton and Whisper Lite models.

Can I purchase the batteries from another source?

No. Neuton batteries can only be purchased directly from Neuton Power Equipment or one of our authorized dealers.

How do I recycle my battery?

We do not accept old batteries for disposal. Please dispose of your used Batteries responsibly by recycling them in accordance with your local waste management regulations. Call your local Solid Waste Management District or your local waste handler to locate the collection site nearest you. Some collection sites recycle Batteries year-round; others collect them periodically.

You may learn more about recycling the battery here.

You can also visit the Web site of Earth 911 for more information.

For a fee, you can recycle your Batteries with the International Metals Reclamation Company.

To learn more about hazardous waste recycling, visit the Web site for Battery Council International or the Environmental Protection Agency.

Do you offer a solar battery charger?

We do not offer any solar charging components at this time.

What is the battery warranty?

Please refer to the Owner's Manual for detailed warranty information. You may wish to contact one of our Technical Support Specialists if you have specific questions about your warranty.